Zephyr 7700 Architectural Series Touch Panel Lock

Engineered with the latest security technology and designed to meet the highest demands of all types of facilities, the Zephyr 7700 series is revolutionizing the locker lock market. With reliable and adaptable features, our latest innovation is sure to provide exceptional performance.

The perfect solution for your security requirements, Zephyr 7700 contains multi-layer encryption and a recessed pop-out turn knob for highest levels of security. Supervisory and override access is available in a variety of options, such as RFID card, fob, or wristband.

Our Zephyr 7700 is available in vertical and horizontal mounting configurations to meet your design and application needs. This state-of-the-art lock successfully combines technology, aesthetics, and versatility.

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To see the CAD designs, click on the images below and scroll through.

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  • Shared use operation allows users to create their own code
  • Designed and engineered to mount on any locker surface – wood, phenolic, plastic, and laminate
  • Recessed mounting and pop out turn knob for clean low profile look with increased security
  • Standard cam lever locking mechanism for enhanced security
  • Various access options by use of keypad and RFID card, fob, or wristband
  • Zinc die cast housing for increased security and durability in high traffic settings
  • Standard Mifare classic RFID technology with the ability to work with Desfire EV1 and EV2
  • Multi-layer encryption for highest levels of security
  • Wireless capability on non-hardwired systems

  • Optional hardwire capability
  • Supervisory access and override with control and management cards, codes, and manual control key
  • LEDs used for visual in-use indicators
  • Visual and audible error indicators
  • Locker management system for centralized control on wireless systems
  • Available locker operating and management systems for self-programming
  • Upgradeable firmware and software packages
  • Offers custom programming features such as time-based operations, audit trail capability,                                                      and multi user access to certain high security enclosures
  • Potential to customize to meet multiple RFID protocols


  • Available in vertical and horizontal mounting configurations
  • Available with spring latch locking for increased ease of use on single point lockers
  • Available with dead bolt locking for higher security on single point and multi-point lockers