Zephyr 5100 Club Series (5154/5170) Electronic RFID Lock

With multi-layer encryption for highest levels of security, our 5100 Series Electronic RFID locks can be used in a variety of applications.

Our locks can be programmed to work with RFID cards, fobs, or wristbands; all while complying with ADA guidelines for ADA accessibility.

Our locks offer custom programming features such as time-based operations, audit trail capability, and multi-user access to certain high security enclosures, ensuring the 5100 can meet any of your security and locker management needs.

These state of the art locks will be offering wireless capability on non-hardwired systems, making them unique and unlike any other lock in the industry. Our locker and management systems are secure and flexible.

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  • Flexible programming allowing for use on both shared  and permanent placements
  • Installation-friendly mounting into standard 3-hole configurations of any standard steel single point,                   box locker and  gravity latch/multi-point lockers
  • Designed and engineered to mount on any locker surface — wood, phenolic, plastic, and laminate
  • Accessible by unique RFID card, fob, or wristband
  • Zinc die cast housing for increased security and durability in high-traffic settings
  • Humidity resistant making it ideal for virtually all  locker environments
  • Standard Mifare classic RFID technology.
  • Multi-layer RFID encryption for highest levels of security
  • Supervisory access and override with control and management cards
  • Proprietary programming to extend battery life
  • Complies with ADA guidelines for ADA accessibility
  • LEDs used for visual in-use indicators
  • Visual and audible error indicators
  • Offers custom programming features such as time-based operations, audit trail capability,                                             and multi user access to certain  high security enclosures


  • Available in right hinged (5154) and left hinged versions (5155)
  • Available with spring latch locking for increased ease of use on single point lockers (5154/55)

Custom Options:

  • Available with dead bolt locking for higher security on single point and multi-point lockers (5170/71)
  • Wireless capability on non-hardwired systems
  • Locker management system for centralized control on wireless systems
  • Upgradeable firmware and software packages
  • Potential to be customized to meet additional RFID protocols