Manual Dead Bolt

Built-in Combination Lock

1970 / 1971


The 1970 & 1971 Manual Dead Bolt Series offers a deadbolt locking mechanism for a high-security lock solution. For increased security and durability, all locks feature an ergonomic dial, complete with a grip ring and non-slip coating.

The 1970 & 1971 Dead Bolt Series is designed to fit almost all locker styles with nut channels allowing for easy installation. These locks are an ideal choice for ventilated lockers where security can be an issue, requiring end users to manually turn the non-slip dial to lock the door.

Models are available for right and left-hinged lockers; top and bottom-hinged lockers; and ADA-compliant lockers.


Lock Type: Built-in Combination Lock

Finish: Black Dial/Stainless Steel Eschutcheon Plate

Material: Zinc die cast, stainless steel, plastic

Features & Benefits

    • Ergonomic dial with grip ring and non-slip coating
    • 7 pre-set combinations for extended usage
    • Supervisory key control
    • Manual Dead bolt for higher security
    • Nut channels for easy installation
    • 3-digit combination with 5-pin tumbler ley plug
    • Manual dead bolt with 5/16” throw
    • Patented button guard to protect lock function from overstuffed lockers
    • All built-in combination locks have a 10 year warranty from time of shipmen
    • Available ADA compliant models 1970ADA/1971ADA
    • Models available for left and right hinged doors
    • Antimicrobial option available for added protection and safety