Key Controlled with Anti-Shim

Combination Padlock



Our Anti-Shim Combination Padlocks are the go-to locker security solution for schools and universities. Approved by all locker manufactures, these locks are an incredibly durable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective locking solution for virtually every locker on the market today.

The 1925 offers all the same qualities as our classic 1902, but also offers supervisory key control that can override user combinations. The stainless-steel body, hardened steel shackle, and supervisory access make this lock a widely used and highly dependable lock for whatever your locker needs.


Lock Type: Padlock

Finish: Black Dial/Stainless Steel Body

Material: Stainless Steel

Features & Benefits

    • Patent pending anti-shim feature
    • Resists the most common shimming methods
    • Stainless steel body for greater security and durability
    • Hardened steel shackle
    • Supervisory key control
    • Approved by all locker manufacturers