ADA Vertical Dead Bolt

Built-in Key lock



Our 1730 ADA Vertical Dead Bolt Lock offers an affordable solution to the high cost of meeting the 5% requirement of ADA-compliant lockers in schools.

This lock is designed to work on lockers with ADA-compliant lift-latch mechanisms. No twisting of the wrist or more than 5 lbs. of force is needed to operate (as required in Sec. 4.27.4 of the ADA’s Accessibility Guidelines for Building and Facilities).


Lock Type: Built-in Key Lock

Finish: Chrome

Material: Zinc Die Cast

Features & Benefits

    • Supervisory key control
    • Each lock supplied with 3 oversized ADA user keys
    • For use on lift-latch/multi-point style lockers that normally operate with a 1930 Vertical Dead Bolt lock
    • Easy user-operation
    • Simply insert the key to unlock, then lift the handle of the locker door; to lock the user only needs to close the door and remove the key
    • 5 year warranty