5500 Club Series

Push Button Lock

5554 / 5570


The 5500 Club Series Push Button Lock’s improved security capabilities make it the perfect choice for shared-use settings in locker rooms, fitness centers, employee rooms, and other facilities. The shared use capability allows facilities the power to allow visitors to choose their own combination while eliminating the need to distribute keys, combinations, or padlocks.

Designed and engineered with the user experience in mind, our shared use locks have updated push buttons for improved user feel, fit perfectly in the recessed handles of most steel lockers, and can be customized with different face plate colors to complement any type of locker.

The various locking options provide an extra level of security and ease of use with spring latch and dead bolt locking options, gives users assurance that their valuables will be safe with our secure locking solutions.


Lock Type: Mechanical Shared Use Lock

Finish: Satin Nickel

Material: Zinc Die Cast

Features & Benefits

    • Shared use operation allows users to create their own code
    • User code is cleared after opening, allowing locker to be used by multiple individuals throughout the day
    • 10 digit key pad for a wide variety of combinations to keep items secure
    • Engineered to work on most standard metal single point, box locker, gravity latch/multipoint lockers, phenolic, wood & laminate lockers and casework
    • Control key allows supervisors to access lockers and clear codes
    • Updated push button design for improved user feel and higher level of security
    • Zinc die cast housing for increased security and durability in high traffic settings
    • Available in spring latch or dead bolt models
    • Works with both left and right hinged doors
    • Extension kits available for use on ½” and ¾” doors
    • No batteries required for a maintenance free solution
    • Available with spring latch or deadbolt