3310/3315 Mechanical Push Button Locks

The 3310 and 3315 Mechanical Push Button Locks are the latest additions to our product portfolio. Specifically designed for high-volume facilities with shared locker spaces like gyms and fitness centers, these locks have an unmatched mix of simplicity, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and style.

The locks are extremely easy to use for end users, have some of the longest lifespans in the industry, don’’t require any batteries, are very secure, and have incredible versatility: they fit most locker designs, including phenolic, wood, and laminate.

3310 is a vertical black design and the 3315 is a horizontal black design. Our mechanical push button locks also come in a vertical metallic design (3510) and a horizontal metallic design (3515). With recessed mounting, all four bring a low profile, as well as a crisp, clean look to any locker.

  • 3310



  • Shared use operation allows users to select own code to lock
  • Lock automatically clears after opening, allowing lock use for multiple individuals
  • Easy push button operation
  • 10-digit keypad for a wide variety of combinations to keep items secure
  • Comes with 2 different lever sizes (straight & offset) to help ensure proper engagement on most all locker configurations
  • Control Key allows supervisors to access lockers and clear codes
  • Simple retrofit to mount lock on existing lockers
  • Manual turn knob
  • Maintenance free – No batteries or power required


  • Available in vertical (3310) and horizontal (3315) mounts


  • Fitness and recreational facilities
  • Shared use spaces