1992 Linear Locking Built-In Combo Lock

Engineered to comply with new high security single-point locker designs of all the major locker manufacturers, Zephyr LockĀ’’s 1992 Linear Locking Built-In Combination Lock offers high security with the convenience of automatic locking.

The 1992 is user friendly and features a linear locking mechanism that is more secure than the traditional spring latch. The linear mechanism is also more resistant to being accidentally locked while in the open position. Equally convenient, the slam shut function ensures the end user that their possessions are properly secured when the locker door is closed.




  • Ergonomic dial with grip ring and non-slip coating
  • 7 pre-set combinations for extended usage
  • Supervisory key control
  • Automatic locking
  • Nut channels for easy installation
  • 3-digit dialing combination with 5-pin tumbler key plug
  • Similar in operation to Master Lock 1690
  • Patent pending button guard to protect lock function from overstuffed lockers
  • All built-in combination locks have a 10 year warranty from time of shipment


  • Extension kits for mounting Built-in Combination Locks on 11/16″ to 3/4″ thick wood or laminate locker doors


  • Any new or existing locker installation utilizing the more secure single point hasp lockers where a high level of locker security is required