1754 Spring Latch Key Lock

Our Spring Latch Key Locks are individually keyed for single key access on a single lock; also available as keyed alike (Model 1754KA). With a 5-pin tumbler lock cylinder, our engineers have created this lock to be even more secure while still remaining easy to use. On top of that, the rear mounted steel casing offers further protection against vandalism and other unpredictable events that could threaten contents inside the locker.





  • Rear mounted steel casing deters vandalism
  • Fully retracting automatic spring latch for convenience
  • Key retaining, key out in locked position only
  • Locks have supervisory Control Key override
  • Each lock supplied with 2 keys
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lock will work on both left-and right-hinged doors


  • 72 hour shipping available


  • Ideal for employee locker rooms, school locker rooms, gyms, and other locations with built-in key lockers