Imagine how a wireless,
cloud-based security solution
could revolutionize your operation.

Introducing Cirrus Technology™, a state-of-the-art wireless, cloud-based locker security solution. With Cirrus Technology™, lock administrators have the freedom to manage user access remotely—and users have the freedom to access locks quickly and conveniently directly from their personal device.

With Cirrus Technology™, each lock can be managed wirelessly through an advanced cloud management portal. Lock administrators have the ability to grant access to users remotely—no matter where they are. Users can unlock designated locks using the Zephyr Smart Lock App, a personal RFID card, keypad, or NFC-enabled smartphones.

Why Cirrus Technology™

  • Cloud-based, networkable system allows for control by App or Web over one or multiple facilities.
  • Access to real-time analytics (i.e. occupancy, battery life, etc.) to give management a better understanding and maximize locker usage.
  • Audit trail and usage data available through the App or Web.
  • Battery life and maintenance status through the App and Web allow for more efficient response.
  • Ability to remotely assign or remove user credentials.
  • Time-based operations to automatically unlock lockers hourly or by specific time.
  • Management has ability to remotely lock and unlock all or individual lockers.
  • Database allows management to set up and manage its users remotely.
  • Management can set up or change lock programming through the App or Web.
  • Users can access their lockers via Zephyr Smart Lock App, RFID credential, NFC device, or keypad.
  • Standalone lock design with no hardwiring required allows for easy installation.

How Cirrus Technology™ is Revolutionizing Security

Zephyr Locks with Cirrus Technology™ are designed to unlock possibility.

Here are just a few applications of this state-of-the-art technology.

“We’re expecting an important package at our manufacturing facility. We’re going to grant the delivery company access to a secure storage location from 8–8:30pm.”

“I’m opening a luxury 24-hour fitness center. I want members to be able to gain entry to their lockers directly from their smartphone.”

“I manage security of on-site storage units at multiple locations. It’s difficult to find on-site support to grant access to new users and remove permissions from old ones.”

Intelligent Security, Intelligent Solutions

Imagine the Possibilities of Zephyr Locks with Cirrus Technology™

Control User Access Wherever You Are, Whenever They Need It

Gain full control of lockers from your command center. Remotely grant user access through keypad, RFID card, NFC-enabled smartphone, or the Zephyr Smart Lock App.

Record, Report & Manage User Access Activity in Real Time

Cirrus Technology™ automatically generates a comprehensive audit trail, recording lock activity with real-time accuracy: users, timeframes, facilities, access methods, and more.

Gain a Global Perspective of Your Entire Operation

Collect comprehensive insights into locker occupancy. Leverage data trends around usage, activity, and access to streamline operations and position your enterprise for success.

Picture This:

How Cirrus Technology™ Can Transform Your Business

Timely, Critical Deliveries

Expecting a time-sensitive delivery? Grant lock access for a specific timeframe, confirm receipt, and check activity to ensure the delivery was made within the required time.

Off-Site User Management

Managing multiple facilities? Add, remove, and edit wireless keyholders remotely through the Cirrus Technology command center.

Software & Firmware Updates

Updating your system? Automatically push software and firmware updates through the cloud to your network of lockers to keep your system up to date.

Facility Usage

Evaluating facility usage? Review the audit trail on a facility-wide basis to identify areas of opportunity within your operation.

Theft Control & Security

Investigating a recent theft? Review user access remotely to identify specific timeframes, locations, and access methods in real-time.

Innovative New Businesses

Imagining the possibilities? Cirrus Technology was designed to unlock possibility, and the applications of this state-of-the-art solution are endless.


Experience Cirrus Technology™

Speak with a team member to see how Zephyr Locks with Cirrus Technology can revolutionize your security infrastructure.