About Zephyr Lock

better security through innovation

Our Story

Zephyr Lock has been a value-centric, proven partner of choice in locker security solutions for over 15 years. With a complete catalog of locker lock products, a highly responsive and experienced team, and a cutting-edge, innovative approach, we are uniquely positioned to provide value to our clients as not just a vendor but as a partner.

Zephyr Lock, with the help of its 68-year old parent company, Wind Group, provides customers with the most effective solutions, best quality service, and the ability to adapt to any customer’s needs.

Zephyr Lock is ISO-9001:2015 Certified QMS.

Customer Service

Since 2001, we have been committed to providing our customers with flexibility that meets their business needs and enhances their service experience. We understand the importance of connecting our customers to the right person to answer their questions and concerns. At Zephyr Lock, we are dedicated to providing fast, knowledgeable, and result-driven responses to make sure we can provide the best possible service.

Full Array

Zephyr Lock has a complete portfolio of security solutions to serve our customers’ secure locking needs. Our locks can be fitted to any locker type, as well as enclosures, casework, and custom projects.

Our solutions include:
• Shared use locks
• Electronic locks
• Built-in combination locks
• Built-in key locks
• Padlocks and specialty locks
• ADA locks

Leading Innovation

Our team of highly trained lock experts and engineers is experienced in working in a proactive and solution-oriented mentality to produce custom accommodations to:
• Universities
• Fitness/Health services
• Employee locker rooms
• K-12 schools
• Anyone else in need of secure locking solutions