Zephyr Lock Offers Innovative Electronic RFID Lock Solutions to Fundamental Locker Problems


When it comes to innovation and ease of use, Zephyr Lock electronic RFID locks #2254 and #2154 are standards of efficiency in the workplace. Crafted to be secure, user-friendly and cost effective for employers, these locks far surpass the competition in a way that’s unparalleled in terms of use.

Zephyr Lock  electronic RFID locks #2254 and #2154 demonstrate comprehensive technology and steady craftsmanship bonded together to form an all-around excellent locking mechanism. For commercial retailers, Zephyr Lock has conquered the problems that many chains face when providing temporary storage space for their workers, providing a new staple in innovation.

Case Study: Department Store Chain

A regional department store chain, with 10 locations, had approximately 100 lockers at each facility that were designated for temporary use by employees. Lockers were set up to be secured with user-supplied padlocks, which created many different problems for the store managers:

The Competitor Problem

When it came to creating a temporary storage space for employees, many of the available lockers became permanently occupied by workers who would simply leave their locks secured. Instead of utilizing these lockers as a temporary storage space, employees would claim them as permanent lockers, leaving many employees without a viable option for storing personal items.

To compound the situation, store managers would have to manually cut off competitor locks in the event that a combination or key was lost. Man-hours were lost when employees spent time looking for available lockers or when management was forced to break from their daily tasks to oversee the removal of a lock.

The Zephyr Lock Solution

By switching to Zephyr Lock #2254, the department store chain was able to do away with the outdated competitor locks in favor of a more modern solution. Easily opened with the input of a four-digit unique combination, workers were able to secure their items for the duration of a shift. Upon returning to the lockers, the same four-digit code would open and reset the locker for the next employee.

By favoring the Zephyr Lock #2254  electronic lock’s contemporary technology, the department store chain provided a readily accessible solution for its employees. Plus, the time saved for workers and management alike could be better utilized throughout the day, rather than be wasted on finding or removing a padlock from a locker. In the event of a forgotten code or emergency, management simply swiped a master lock card to easily access the locker.


The Superiority of Zephyr Lock

Through intelligent design and modern technology, Zephyr Lock  electronic RFID locks save retailers time, money and frustration. Because they require minimal maintenance and cater specifically to the needs of temporary users, these locks offer an optimal solution to the common, everyday problem of storing valuables and personal affects. And, with the same security levels as found in banking smart cards, these locks will always illustrate optimal security. To learn more about our electronic RFID locks, please visit: http://www.zephyrlock.com/categories/Electronic-RFID-Locks/.