Since 2001, Zephyr Lock has been a welcome addition to the locker industry. Drawing on over 60 years of design and engineering experience through our sister company, Wind Hardware & Engineering , its products reflect the most complete and innovative line of locker locking solutions.

Zephyr Lock entered the marketplace with the goal of offering its customers an advantage over their peers. Its success is reflected in the most complete line of reliable products offered from stock for immediate delivery at the industry’s most competitive cost. This convenience and peace of mind is backed by an unmatched product warranty and the service to support its many customers.

Today Zephyr manufactures locks for lockers in every kind of setting and application: school and employee locker rooms, ADA compliance, recreation and health clubs, and many other industrial and municipal settings. From traditional built-in combination locks to its new electronic RFID and built-in key locks, Zephyr Lock is the preferred locking solution and your locker advantage.


Zephyr Makes Locker Locks - And Only Locker Locks
We understand the needs of locker manufacturers, dealers and end users so we can help you and your customers select the right lock for their lockers. No other company is as committed to the locker industry.

Combination Control Charts
All Zephyr Lock products are registered in our database to ensure the history of each lock is maintained. Control Charts for all Zephyr Lock products are available via email or on a disc in the format of your choice. Please contact our dedicated customer service line for details.

Knowledgeable Resource
Have a question? Contacting Zephyr’s dedicated customer service team puts you in instant communication with someone who will know the answer to your needs on the spot... no waiting or shuffling up or down the line to another customer service representative who may or may not be the resource you need. You won’t find better products or a better company to work with.

Download our Catalog
For more information about Zephyr Lock & Zephyr Lock products, click here for our latest product catalog (4 MB PDF download).